"ਆਪਣੇ ਆਸ ਪਾਸ ਰੱਖੋ ਸਫਾਈ, ਇਹ ਹੈ ਸਾਰੇ ਰੋਗਾਂ ਦੀ ਦਵਾਈ"         "ਜਨ-ਜਨ ਵਿਚ ਅਲਖ ਜਗਾਈਏ , ਧਰਤੀ ਨੂੰ ਸਾਫ-ਸੁਥਰਾ ਬਣਾਈਏ"         “kxk dy nwV nUM A`g nw lwa, q`q aupjwaU nw Awp mukwa”         “Jony dI prwlI, kxk dw nwV,, kdy nw swV, kdy nw swV”         “kxk dw nwV kdy nw jlwa, vwqwvrn swP suQrw bxwa”         “Kyq dw mlbw, Kyq iv`c”


Technical guidance: Apart from the seed, farmers are given technical know-how for the cultivation of crops. The technical knowledge imparted at appropriate time equips them to tacke coming problems. To render necessary guidance to the farmers, the services of competent scientists hailing from Agronomy, Entomology, Horticulture, Animal Science and Home Science disciplines have been requisitioned. At this centre, every year more than 2000 farmers are getting regular guidance for redressal of their problems related to agriculture. The service to the farmers is rendered free of cost.
Diagnosis of crop disorders: The facility is available for the identification of crop disorders in plant samples brought by farmers pertaining to insect and pathogen injuries, phytotoxicity of agricultural inputs or some nutrient deficiency. Farmers are advised based on correct diagnosis of malady. To identify complex problems, scientists of KVK visit the field for on the spot diagnosis of crop disorders.
Soil and water testing facilities: KVK has fully operational soil and irrigation water testing lab for the benefit of farmers of the region. The testing fee per sample is Rs 20/-. The farmers of the region are taking benefit of this lab for judicious application of various fertilizers for their fields. KVK also conducts soil testing campaigns for popularization of this facility so that maximum farmers may avail this facility and improve the productivity level of their fields.
Advisory services through telephone/mobile phone/news paper: Help line telephone 01881-220460 has been provided for the benefit of farmers.  Another success is the Kisan Sanchar sewa, this facility is getting good response from the farmers. The link established between scientists and the farmers is responsible for quick redressal of field problems through mobile SMS particularly during the period of outbreak of pest or disease. These practices are proving boon to farmer community of the district during the sowing of any new crop/outbreak of pests and disease/ farm operations.
Information (Farm Literature): Farm literature of PAU is being sold from KVK for the benefit of farmers. The monthly magazines such as Progressive Farming (English), Changi Kheti (Punjabi), Package of Practices in respect of kharif and rabi crops, vegetables and fruit crops and Animal Science and many other important publications are sold to the farmers
Library: KVK has well furnished library for knowledge enhancement of faculty/farmers/farm women. Presently, it has collection of about 1000 books related to various agriculture and allied disciplines. Any interested farmers/farm women can consult this library for latest farm magazines, periodicals, newsletters and books of their interest.
Provision of seed of improved crop varieties: KVK imparts trainings to farmers for production of seed of various varieties so that they can produce seed at their own level. KVK also produces seed of recommended varieties of various crops and sells at a price fixed by Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana.

Sale of animal feed supplements: To improve the productivity of Animals and their fertility status due to ill effects of micro-nutritional deficiencies, KVK Ropar is selling animal feed supplements i.e. mineral mixture to the farmers. The rate of the packing is Rs 55/kg. Dairy farmers are also being imparted trainings for preparation of mineral mixture at their own level. In addition to this the farmer’s are also being acquainted about the preparation of Uromium lick and treatment of wheat straw with urea to make it more nutritive to dairy animals.
Automatic weather station:  Automatic weather station records various parameters like air temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed & direction, rainfall, sun light duration etc. Other one is established for surveillance and monitoring of weather parameters for control of late Blight of Potato and based on this data farmers are guided accordingly for farm operations.
Market/Price Information:  In KVK office premises, the ticker board has been installed which is connected directly to MCSE for regularly update the farming community about the prices of various agricultural commodities in regional punjabi language.

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